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Taking its roots in feminist psychoanalytic theories, my work is investigating the concepts of  the Feminine, as well as the alternative subjectivities. In various modes, they inform my approach to structural and three-dimensional form and methodology for performance creation and execution. My work emerges through the tension between the desire to order the chaos of the unconscious and the persistent failure to do so. Accepting and working with it, by bringing to the surface the invisible, discarded, undesirable, and giving it a voice, a shape, is what drives my practice. Finding the ways to express it is an attempt for integration of the repressed, the practice of letting go of the internalized hierarchies within the female body and exorcising them through the body of work.The notion of repetition, existing both as a method, as well as a residue of the desire to recognize and transcend the internal rupture, is imperative to my practice. It has the potential to create the rhythmic structure within which the rejected, the unseen, can safely emerge, and be integrated within the personal and the collective. 


I use painting, installation and performance to explore the notions of repetition, ritual, compulsion, loss, trauma and mending. In painting, the the old, found, discarded materials, are given new life by transforming them into new sculptural entities and compositional arrangements. Mythological female entities are transformed into contemporary subjects, creating new personal mythologies and existence. Repetitive body movements are imperative for creating compositions, the surface carrying imprints of invisible, hidden actions. Performance and video allow for a more immediate approach for exploring the notions of Feminine subjectivity by utilizing the body as a medium. Creating site-specific installations is a way to engage with the history and architecture of space, facilitating the creation of new narratives, and production of environments that otherwise would never exist. 

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