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Taking its roots in feminist and psychoanalytic theories, my work is investigating concepts of the Feminine, as well as alternative subjectivities. The notion of subjectivity-as-encounter, as coined by Bracha Ettinger, invites a rethinking of the term as a more inclusive process, rather than a static concept, inviting for alternative ways of making and relating. For instance, using the concept of care, which is closely related to the “Matrixial” Feminine, pioneered by Ettinger; with informing the nurturing approach to making, and sustainable use of materials. In various modes, it informs my approach to structural and three-dimensional form and methodology for performance creation and execution. My work emerges through the tension between the desire to order the chaos of the unconscious and the persistent failure to do so. The notion of repetition, existing both as a method, as well as a residue of the desire to recognize and transcend the internal rupture, is imperative to my practice.  


I use painting, installation and performance to explore the notions of repetition, ritual, compulsion, displacement, trauma and mending. In painting, especially while working with thread as a medium, repetitive body movements are imperative for creating compositions, the surface carrying imprints of invisible, hidden actions. The unordered and ordered link borders; the habitual qualities of material are being subverted, transformed and sculpted to a new state. The notions of repetition are coming to play with the transformational power of expanding small gestures and marks into larger organized rhythmic structures. Performance and video allow approaching issues of the Feminine subjectivity by utilizing the body as a medium. Creating site-specific installations is a way to engage with the history and architecture of space and produce environments that otherwise would never exist.

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